Tribute to a great man who gave his best always 1946 – 2017 a cherished journey for life – AliTrading Co.

Tribute to a great man who gave his best always
1946 – 2017 a cherished journey for life

To those of us who knew him and grew up with him and were aware of how he traversed the road of life, he enriched the lives of many who will have a bank of memories of his leadership, achievements, and example that will live forever and will not be lost in the mists of time.

He was renowned in his life, as an engine of life which did not stop pulsating no matter how difficult and challenging the circumstances became. In his early days, he was a sports man, he played top club level cricket and squash. He would always lead from the front and this was his god given strength.

He has been the president of The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & industry 1993 – 1994
He has been elected President District cricket association Sialkot 1984 – 1983 / 1990 – 1993
He has been elected President District Hockey Association Sialkot 1998 – 2005

For any role he took he gave his best….

He faced many challenges, but never took a step back, always kept pushing on. He has left an empire which has achieved 100 years and still going strong.

From his Social work for the city to always trying to promote sports at the city level. He has held many tournaments for cricket and hockey. Also he was very passionate for education, himself a great reader he always promoted education as he believed this was the right path for nation development.

Ghazanfar Ali Shabbir Born 14th August 1946 in Sialkot – Pakistan, has left a road full of memories and his place cannot be filled. All places he has touched have left a mark forever, bringing great memories.

As a tribute to This Amazing Human Being, we are pleased to launch our 100 years catalog.

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